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IBC SOLAR Presents Solutions for an Independent Energy Supply

published: 2013-03-21 14:18

IBC SOLAR AG, a leading global supplier of photovoltaics, will present its innovative products and solutions at Power & Electricity World Africa 2013 (PEWA) in Johannesburg, South Africa on April 9 and 10. In the hall “Clean Energy Floor”, Booth H24 public authorities, companies and investors will gain insights in IBC SOLAR’s comprehensive portfolio of products and services ranging from hybrid systems to turnkey power plants. IBC SOLAR will also share its expertise of more than 30 years experience in the solar energy market in two seminars at the trade fair.

IBC SOLAR works with clients to develop customized solutions to meet their specific electricity demands. In conditions where power sources are unreliable, harnessing and maintaining one’s own energy source is extremely important for businesses. True to its commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation, IBC SOLAR’s technology provides a solution to developing markets. This includes hybrid systems that combine PVNot only the abbreviation for photovoltaics. The term is composed of Photon (Hellenistic for light) and the name of the physicist Alessandor Volta (1745 – 1827), at his time one of the leading scientists in the field of galvanic electricity (chemical procedures as for instance while immersing metals into acid. He constructed the first electrical battery in 1780. modules with diesel engines as well as energy storage systems. In turn, this allows individuals, businesses and municipalities from all backgrounds independence from expensive, pollutant and unreliable power sources.

For investors and manufacturing plants, IBC SOLAR covers all aspects of a photovoltaic project - especially the engineering, procurement and construction supervision. For many of its projects, IBC also provides long-term maintenance and quality control, which ensures a fast return on investment.

Founded in 1982, IBC SOLAR has an unrivaled knowledge and experience in the PV market. Its proven success rate is seen in a wide-variety of solved challenges from large-scale solar parks to rooftop solar systems. These systems can be used to optimize the energy consumption of companies, which the Valpré (a product of the Coca-Cola Company) bottling plant in South Africa demonstrates. In 2011, IBC SOLAR and its local partner installed a photovoltaic system with a capacity of about 30 kWpThe maximum possible output of a solar generator operating under standard conditions is defined as its peak output, which is measured in watts or kilowatts and stated as either Wp (watt, peak) or kWp, respectively.. For this project, IBC SOLAR was responsible for the delivery of modules and system monitoring, as well as the commissioning of the system. The photovoltaic array will allow the bottling plant to be more independent of the local network, while reducing CO2 emissions as well. Most recently, IBC SOLAR celebrates success after completing five large-scale ventures in India. Such global, complex projects exemplify the possibilities IBC SOLAR can offer clients.

While IBC SOLAR already offers technical advice and training to engineers and PV-installers, the company wants to share its practical knowledge and experience with the energy business at PEWA. At the trade fair, two presentations or “solar-seminars” will be hosted by experts from IBC SOLAR. The first lecture will explain “Quality in Photovoltaics - How to secure revenues for a long-term investment” (April 9th @ 11am, Room E). The second presentation will focus on “IBC SOLAR: innovative system design” (April 10th @ 11am, Room E).

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