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Green Automotive Company’s GoinGreen Announces Exclusive UK Distribution of I’MOVING Electric Commercial Vehicles

published: 2013-06-19 10:38

Green Automotive Company announced on June 18th, 2013, that its subsidiary, GoinGreen, has signed an agreement with I’MOVING to exclusively distribute their range of pure electric commercial vehicles in the UK. They have also agreed to explore opportunities to collaborate in the introduction of these pure electric trucks and vans to the United States where vehicles have been submitted recently for homologation certification. GoinGreen is the renowned one-stop-shop for sales of sustainable transport solutions – from electric bicycles, scooters and motor bikes to electric city cars, vans and trucks – all backed by its respected team of after sales support and service experts. Italy-based I’MOVING designs and manufactures environmentally friendly vehicles for both the public and private sector.

In its latest research, Frost & Sullivan has concluded that electric vehicles should rapidly grow to represent 4% to 10% of the total lightweight commercial vehicle market during the next two years. This space provides many opportunities for EV products due to the drivers often having fixed routes, predefined cargo weights, and relatively low mileage throughout the day. In addition, the vehicles regularly return “Back to Base” each night, offering a convenient charging location and predictable schedule.

The I’MOVING pure electric range to be launched initially in the UK includes The Jolly 2000, an N1, 3.5t GVW vehicle as well as its smaller version, The Ecomile, that both qualify for the UK Government OLEV grant. The vehicles are available with a huge range of body options from pick up to box vans. With a maximum 1.9t payload, the Jolly 2000 provides the ideal solution for the transportation of commercial goods. Both vehicles use the latest lithium ion batteries and are particularly suited to Back to Base roles such as mail and parcel delivery, inner city requirements and local authority needs. They have enjoyed growing sales success in cities throughout Europe and the world, including Rome, Milan, Frankfurt, Brussels, and Beijing.

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