Taiwanese PV Manufacturers’ September Net Sales Hit Record High

published: 2013-10-15 18:54 | editor: | category: News

Taiwanese PV manufacturers’ September net sales kept coming up with good news recently. Being the first one to announce its September net sales, Solartech had reached a new high within the last fifteen months. Neo Solar Power’s September net sales reached NT$2.27 billion. Giga Solar also hit a record high, experiencing positive growth throughout the past nine months.

The increased net sales in September were caused by the strong market demand and the increased shipment quantity. Due to the lack of operators, Solartech wasn’t able to fulfill all the order requests. Yet, the company continued to increase utilization rate as they fill the operators. Once they have the operators filled and trained, their future net sales may continue to raise. 

Neo Solar Power’s cell capacity ranked first place in Taiwan. The strong market demand, higher order visibility, and better profit from the Japanese PV market as well as the orders transferred from Chinese manufacturers in the US market led to Neo Solar Power’s full production. However, system installations have been completed through its subsidiary company, General Energy Solutions Inc., to not only expand the market and get a hold of the requests from end customers, but also increase the overall profit through downstream businesses.

Giga Solar’s net sales in September hit a record high. It’s mainly because shipments of solar conductive paste have increased with cell front side silver paste contributing the most. There’s a possibility that it may raise to 4 tons in the fourth quarter.

Aside from the strong cell demand, the demand for silicon wafers has also increased. For example, Danen’s net sales in September increased by 2.3% compared to that in August, which reached a new record over the last fifteen months. Danen indicated that sales will continue to grow steadily due to the increased demand in the high-efficiency market. To look into the fourth quarter, high demand is likely to remain during the off-peak season. Shipments will continue to go upward as well. 

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