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Inventec Will Raise Investment in PV Industry Next Year

published: 2013-12-23 18:30
Tsu-Chin Lee, President of Inventec Corp., said that the corporation will continue investing in PV industry next year as he holds a positive point of view on demands from the Japanese market. The revenue generated from the PV sector may be doubled starting this year and may reach up to NT$20 billion next year.
After attending the 2013 Taiwan Cloud and Cloud Computing Innovation Awarding Ceremony on December 18th, Lee said that the amount of PV system installation is anticipated to increase substantially in 2014 so the corporation will continue expanding the capacity of PV industry. Besides, capacity of PV modules may reach 400MW while the total capacity of PV cells will be aimed at 1GW by the end of next year and the main export market will focus on Japan. For now, Inventec Energy, Inventec Solar Energy and E-ton Solar are subsidiary companies covered by Inventec’s PV business.
Although revenue from PV sector represents only about 5% of Inventec Corp’s total revenue, it helps the corporation to raise the investment as the demand from PV markets becomes stronger. “Driven by both capacity expansion and strong market demand, revenue from Inventec’s PV sector may increase from NT$10 billion(US$337 million) to NT$20 billion(US$675 million) in 2014,” said Lee.
EnergyTrend predicts that market demand for PV industry in 2014 will initially follow the trend in 2013. China, Japan and the United States will be the biggest markets that share almost 50% of global  output. The market demand from 2H14 will be better than 1H14, and the global demand may increase 17% y-o-y to about 42GW.
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