Samsung to Release New Solar Charging Smartphones to Compete with Apple

published: 2013-12-26 19:12 | editor: | category: News

Rumors had it that Samsung is planning to come up with new solar charging smartphones in order to provide uninterruptible power supply for cell phones. Currently, Apple has worked on effective solar charging system. Thus, Samsung would not want to fall behind on this area.

Removable battery is applied on this type of Samsung smartphone. When it’s out of battery, users can replace it with another battery. Although Samsung has been mostly focusing on screen R&D, such as AMOLED screen used on tablet PC, it doesn’t prevent certain staffs from screen R&D to be transferred to solar charging R&D.

Processors have become more powerful and screen resolution has become higher as smartphone turns into a mature market. Camera applications can also satisfy users’ demand. Yet, battery has been a weakness for smartphones. Hopefully, the solar technology applications can change the situation.

SamMobile, a foreign media, indicates that solar technology is likely to be mainstream as Samsung and Apple adopt it.

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