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Yingli Plans to Create a Global Procurement Network Platform

published: 2013-12-27 13:08
Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited (Yingli Solar) held fourth Annual Global Supplier Conference in Baoding, China this month. Aside from giving speeches on market outlook, procurement platforms and brands, they also introduced their idea of creating a new global online platform for procurement using Yingli’s resources.
More than 200 material suppliers and equipment manufacturers from around the world attended the conference held on 19th this month. Senior managers of Yingli gave several speeches included: PV market overview in 2013 and prospects in 2014, Yingli’s global procurement network platform, and technologies for a better brand. After the speeches, attendees had group discussions about the development of PV technology and downstream businesses; also, all members went to visit Yingli’s factories.
On the conference, Yingli unveiled the “Global Procurement Network Platform” for the first time. Applying Yingli’s large amount of shipment and rich supplier resources, the integrated service contains material / equipment purchasing and shipping, which can boost PV industry upgrading. Yingli predicts that the amount of PV system installation will highly increase in North Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia and China in 2014.By then, there will be many more PV manufacturers.
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