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Not a Fan of Pink? These Pink Teslas Might Change Your Mind

published: 2020-04-16 18:30

Everyone has their favorite colors, and one should never criticize the color worn by others. Let us take a look at the proud collections of these pink-loving Tesla owners.

Tesla offers limited options of original colors, with white being the default option, and colors like black , grey, and blue would require an additional TWD$ 37,500, whereas red is the most expensive color that will set you back an extra TWD$75,000. Not wanting to be constrained by the default colors, many Tesla owners go out of their way to redecorate their electric vehicles, and pink is one of the most popular options.

▲ The head-turning pink Model X. (Source: TeslaMotorsClub)

Verity from Chicago is a gentleman who loves the color pink, and one of his dreams is to own a pink sports car. Verity’s pursuit for sports car and its practicability was unexpectedly satisfied by Model X, who then spent more than six months on researching for a transformation of the vehicle.

The final result is stunning, and this pink outer layer, truly is a coat for the vehicle. “Although I am a very impulsive person, I had to listen to that voice in my head that pink may become an issue if I were to sell this car in the future”, commented Verity, who eventually discovered Plasti Dip, a method commonly used by off-road racing vehicles that covers the entire vehicle body and can be swiftly removed.

Another female netizen, who also adores the color pink, decided to transform her red Model 3 into pink using color wrapping, which leaves the question, why did she spend extra money to go for red in the beginning?

▲ Tattooist Bratty Girl transformed her Model 3 using pink color wrap. (Source:BrattyGirl

Despite they are all referred to as pink, differences are apparent. Personally I prefer the hazy pink of Model X, though it could be related to your choice. This Model 3 was initially red, so color wrapping will produce a darker shade of red, whereas the Model X in white was recolored using Plasti Dip, which resulted in a lighter shade of pink.

Jeffree Star, renowned American makeup blogger, also owns a pink Model X, which does not come as a surprise for someone like him who absolutely loves the color pink.

Though to automobile manufacturers, pink is still a relatively niche color, and its shade is greatly impacted, hence it is unlikely to see OEM offering the color option of pink.

After feasting our eyes on these pink Teslas, one can’t help but imagine the awesome colors that would be rendered on the Cybertruck. Please comment and share with us the vehicles that you have seen with distinctive colors.

 (Cover photo source: TeslaMotorsClub)

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