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New progress of 30+ Chinese solid-state battery enterprises

published: 2024-05-10 18:17

In 2023, Chinese semi-solid-state battery shipments will exceed the GWh level, and large-scale mass production and loading will start in 2024. In the future, with the continuous progress of solid-state battery technology, the cost will gradually show a downward trend, especially the industrialization process of Chinese semi-solid-state batteries has begun. The market size of solid-state batteries will grow rapidly.

So far in 2024, how are Chinese solid-state battery companies progressing?

01 Listed enterprises

In terms of cooperation, Farasis Energy signed a contract with FAW Jiefang in March to cooperate in the semi-solid-state/solid-state battery commercial vehicle related market.

In terms of solid-state electrolytes, companies such as Polyfluoride, Capchem, Tianci Materials, Fengshan Group, and Ruitai New Materials have recently stated that they are in the product research and development/small-scale test stage. In addition, there are also companies such as Sanxiang New Materials, Oriental Zirconium, Jiebang Technology, Zijiang Enterprise, etc., which say that the company's nano zirconia, carbon nanotubes, and aluminum-plastic films can be used in the solid-state battery industry chain, and some products are in the laboratory/sample delivery stage.

In terms of batteries, Blue Lithium and Sunwoda said that it is actively carrying out technology and product research on semi-solid/solid-state batteries, and the progress is normal. Ganfeng Lithium said in March that the first phase of the company's Chongqing solid-state battery production base was capped, and the solid-state battery pack was delivered. V&T said in March that it has completed the development of a sample of 20Ah all-solid-state cells, and at the same time, the company is building a pilot line. It is expected that the mass production of small cells within 5Ah can be achieved by the end of 2024. Lishen released a new generation of 402Wh/kg semi-solid-state battery in January.

02 Unlisted enterprises

The first is mass production. In April in2024, Qingtao Energy's semi-solid-state battery has been mass-produced and installed in SAIC Zhiji L6, with a cruising range of more than 1,000 kilometers. In the same month, Lingxin New Energy announced that the first phase of the solid-state polymer battery production line of 0.5GWh/year has achieved mass production.

In terms of cooperation, in April, JAC Yttrium signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Weilan New Energy on solid-state batteries. The two sides will cooperate in the development of 4695 large cylindrical semi-solid batteries.

In terms of projects, from January to April, Huasheng Xineng 500MW solid-state battery cell pilot project was signed, with a total investment of 35 million, and Zhonggu Times has an annual output of 2GWh solid-state lithium battery system project, with an estimated total investment of 90 million yuan. Started construction of Heyuan Lithium Solid State Battery 10GWh smart factory, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan. The solid-state battery industry landing project of Zhongke Juqing is undergoing site inspection. The total investment of SINOMACH Judian is 5 billion yuan, and the SINOMACH Judian semi-solid-state battery project. The 20GWh solid-state battery project with a total investment of 11.6 billion yuan is under construction. The first phase of Qingtao Energy's 10 billion solid-state battery project is under construction, and it is expected that part of the production capacity will be released by the end of the year. Huineng Technology is the world's first gigabit solid-state lithium ceramic battery factory, with a design capacity of 2GWh.

In terms of batteries, in April, Tailan New Energy announced the preparation of an automotive-grade lithium metal battery with a monomer capacity of 120Ah and a measured energy density of 720 Wh/kg. In January, Enpower announced that it had developed a new semi-solid-state battery A prototype that is expected to increase driving range by 73%.

In terms of investment and financing, in March, Zhongke Guneng completed an angel round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan while Yihua New Energy received tens of millions of yuan in angel round financing.

03 Car companies

In terms of batteries, in April, GAC Group released the latest technological achievements of all-solid-state batteries, which have achieved an energy density of over 400Wh/kg. The company aims to complete the development of all-solid-state batteries in 2026, which will first be installed in Haobo models. NIO has launched its first mass-produced semi-solid-state battery pack, which is scheduled to be officially launched in the second quarter of this year as part of the battery swapping service.

In terms of vehicle loading, in April, the Zhiji L6 started pre-sales, equipped with a quasi-900V ultra-fast charging semi-solid-state battery, which was jointly developed by Qingtao Energy. In February, BAIC Blue Valley said that the company was actively carrying out solid-state battery verification tests. For semi-solid-state batteries, many car companies, including Dongfeng, GAC, NIO, Hechuang, Celis, and Changan, have plans to install vehicles. For all-solid-state batteries, Weilan New Energy, GAC Aion, etc. previously officially announced that they will be mass-produced/equipped with all-solid-state batteries in 2026-2027, and the full commercialization of various companies is expected to be around 2030.

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