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US Solar Institute Opens New State Of The Art Solar Training Center

published: 2014-01-20 14:38

US Solar Institute opened a new facility due to ten fold growth in what may well become their next multi award winning operational center. The new location will host modern state of the art solar training workstations showcasing only the latest solar technologies from the leading manufactures. The new laboratories are intended to give the Florida solar market more competitive and relevant options for solar panel testing and certifications, too.

This new international focused center will allow USSI to continue to provide the most relevant training with the only the latest modern equipment and systems to insure experts and workers are properly trained, certified and prepared.

The Art Solar Training Center (Photo Credit: US Solar Institute )

The growing solar company has already built multiple net positive energy solar power systems, laboratories and training centers for dozens of clients throughout the Caribbean and USA. Their ability to build sophisticated systems, laboratories and workshops are proven and there is little reason to not expect big things from this Florida based for profit solar corporation in 2014.

The company has a proven history of making the most of their new home so all should expect impressive results. For example, The City Commission and Mayor of Fort Lauderdale proclaimed May 15th US Solar Institute Day in 2012. A year later, Kristen Jacobs, the Mayor of Broward County awarded the company Emerald Green Award’s for 2013 sweeping the ceremony in three out of four possible categories. The awards included recognition for Leadership in: Recycling, Green Business Practices & Innovation; as well as, The Climate Change Leader in the coveted Business Category.

The new space and location will have larger classrooms, system displays and laboratory space in which USSI will be able to accommodate large volumes of students while providing their awarded and highly advanced Real World Training® in a hands-on learning environment intent to service the global solar education, certification and training industry.

US Solar Institute will continue to sponsor informative solar training classes, consumer solar education workshops and continuing education courses (for professionals) at the new location while also taking their global Solar Certification program mainstream. 

USSI is also an exclusive provider licensed by the Department of Defense Veterans Affairs Division to accept all forms of VA benefits for both active and non-active US Military personnel and has recently been filmed training active duty military personnel in a documentary soon to be released.

Although education is the foundation of the Fort Lauderdale, Florida based solar company the new location is also intended and focused on the growing needs of sister company US Solar, a provider of wholesale solar equipment, installation and manufacturing services for the Caribbean and South Eastern USA’s contractors, owners and export clients equipment and engineering service needs.

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