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Megawatt-Scale Solar Power Business is More Popular Across the Globe: Nikkei BP

published: 2014-01-22 11:53

Nikkei Business Publications (Nikkei BP) reports on the “Solar Power Plant Business” website that the megawatt-scale solar power generation business is growing across the globe because of the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme.

Since the FiT scheme has been implemented in dozens of countries, new large-scale solar power plants generating over 1000 kW (1 MW) are built one after another around the world. The FiT scheme is a system that electric utility companies are obliged to purchase electricity generated from renewable energy sources at a fixed price over a long period. For the stable operation of megawatt-scale solar power generation systems over the long period of time, the plants need to be equipped with advanced technologies while preparing for miscellaneous risks.

The megawatt-scale solar power plant market is now at its predawn period, but the market is already showing signs of rapid growth in Japan. For the sustainable growth and development of related industries, it is crucial to understand the current situations at home and overseas, while keeping the close eyes on newest updates.

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