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Tres Amigas and Broadview Energy to Interconnect up to 500 MW for Delivery into the California Market

published: 2014-02-05 13:12

Tres Amigas and Broadview Energy, LLC (Broadview) announced the execution of agreements that would facilitate the development and construction of up to 500 MW of wind generation in northeast New Mexico. This milestone agreement will enable Broadview to deliver its high-quality New Mexico wind power for the next 25 years to California starting by year-end 2015 and also enables the project to utilize the additional services to be offered by Tres Amigas when the Super Station becomes operational.

Broadview has been in development since 2011 with National Renewable Solutions (NRS) as its Manager/Developer. Broadview’s 12-turbine first phase named Brahms Wind is located five miles south of Grady, N.M. The second phase is on approximately 39,000 acres north and east of the Brahms Wind project. The agreements executed with Tres Amigas are integral to the viability of this much larger second phase, which is named Broadview Energy KW.

“Our associate, Robert Walker, has been working on acquiring the transmission path from New Mexico to California for several years. Fortunately we are able to use these transmission rights for the Broadview Energy KW project,” said Patrick Pelstring, CEO of NRS. “By signing these agreements with Tres Amigas we now have all the necessary pieces in place to be able to deliver power into California on existing transmission lines. And our project provides great diversity relative to California’s in-state renewable generation.”

According to Tres Amigas President & CEO Phil Harris, furthermore, the NRS team has a project that will not only provide jobs locally but highly valued wind generation to California. The proximity of their location to Tres Amigas enables the two projects to work in tandem in a way that maximizes the synergy between the two companies.

The construction value to the local economy is about $1.2 billion for Tres Amigas and over $550 million for Broadview’s wind farm. The project plans to install over 200 GE wind turbines in its footprint and is working with Mortenson Construction as its contractor. The project is expected to create jobs include construction, maintenance, scientific research and clean energy technologies. It will incentivize new energy providers throughout the country to commit to new construction by providing a nationwide marketplace for the energy they produce.

Power from the wind farm is expected to be delivered over its interconnection with Tres Amigas by December 2015.

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