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DOC Postponed the Announcement of Taiwanese Manufacturers’ Respondents for Anti-dumping Defense

published: 2014-03-03 18:15

The U.S. Department of Commerce (DoC) had planned to announce the list of Taiwanese manufacturers’ respondents for the anti-dumping defense but postponed the schedule because of the huge amount of document to review. As the institute wasn’t able to come to the conclusion on February 28th, it said that the list would be announced before March 14th.

There are around a dozen of Taiwanese manufacturers which are involved in this investigation. DoC may select one to three respondents from the largest PV product exporters so Motech and Neo Solar Power (NSP) are two of the most probable candidates, while Gintech is also possible to be named on the list, an insider said.

According to Economic Daily News’ report, different manufacturers hold various interpretations toward the “indirect export to USA” on the questionnaires sent to Taiwanese manufacturers, which are now undergone the investigation. As a result, it can’t be asserted that which manufacturer would become the respondent only through the Taiwanese PV capacity or export. 

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