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ATI DuraTrack HZ Trackers Gaze the Sun from the Ground of Big Island, Hawaii

published: 2014-03-07 12:00

Hawaii is about to boast a fully installed single-axis solar tracking project on the Big Island. Array Technologies shipped a tropically prepared version of the DuraTrack HZ to the site in 2013. Sunetric, a Hawaii-based solar power company and the EPC behind the project, has initiated installation of the tracker on site.

The project is located on an active golf course that is adjacent to the ocean. The Sunetric team managed to overcome the challenge of installing on complicated lava rock soils, which they resolved by utilizing a self-ballasted foundation system. Due to the high levels of humidity and proximity to the ocean at the site, Array Technologies designed a special corrosion resistant version of the DuraTrack HZ to be employed in environments like those in tropical Hawaii.

"ATI’s team of engineers worked closely with us to design a robust solar tracker suited to the site’s island environment, providing a solid tracking solution that will boast an attractive energy gain,” says Aaron Kirk, COO of Sunetric. “”

“Not all solar sites are created equal, so our team tailored the tracking solution to meet the island conditions in Hawaii, ultimately ensuring reliable performance and longevity for the Nanea solar tracking site, along with a premium energy gain for its owner,” explains Ron Corio, Founder and CEO of Array Technologies.

Chosen for its field-tested durability, reliability and robust performance, the DuraTrack HZ system has been installed in more projects worldwide than any other tracker on the market. With installations in all 50 states, and over two decades of experience, Array Technologies’ trackers are designed with a minimization of materials that makes for efficient installation, while maintaining a high level of durability built to last in the elements.

Hawaii has fantastic solar insolation and high electricity prices due to a dependence on imported energy, making it an ideal location for solar installations like Nanea.

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