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Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch – As Long As There’s Sun, There’s Time

published: 2014-03-07 17:46

Seiko, the renowned international watchmaker, releases the new collection -The Astron GPS solar watch in 2014. The watch adopts solar motion, solar panel and lithium battery. It adds a sense of environmental and sustainable spirit to the exquisite and high-end technology.

The design inspiration for the new Seiko Astron GPS watch is from the stratosphere that covered the Earth. Graceful arc-shaped plate made of sapphire crystal has been selected. The watch looks like a crystal clear stratosphere from the side. In addition, there’s a world map on the watch surface and it can point out the important city names and global standard time (UTC) on the bezel so users can read it anytime. The most special part about the watch is the GPS signal function, which can automatically recognize and adjust to the local time in each of the 39 time zones.

Seiko has been striving to add ECO and sustainable spirit into making watches. Seiko Astron GPS watch pushes the needle through solar motion. The energy comes from the small solar panel installed on the side. There’s also lithium battery installed inside for energy-storage use. Besides, the watch adopts SEIKO’s energy-saving technology, which can lower power consumption to millionth of a general watch and to reduce the burden caused by multi-functions.


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