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NTPC Completes a 10MW Solar Power Plant and Launches Projects of 20MW

published: 2014-04-02 14:53

NTPC Ltd., the largest PV service provider in India, has built and grid-connected a 10MW large-scale PV power plant “Talcher Kaniha” in Odisha, southeastern of India. NTPC then launches a new plan of a 20MW plant.

According to Nikkei BP, 8MW of the plant’s capacity will sell to the second largest power company Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) based on a power purchase agreement (PPA). The rest 2MW will provide power to a neighbor village called Pathermunda.

NTPC also announced its decision of starting to construct three more large-scale PV power plants: Andaman Solar (5MW), Dadri Solar (5MW) and Ramagundam Solar (10MW).

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