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Mitsubishi, Bosch and GS YUASA Start Developing Next Generation Lithium Battery in Germany

published: 2014-04-21 14:13

Robert Bosch GmbH, GS YUASA Corp. and the Mitsubishi Group together announced that they have established a new joint venture called “Lithium Energy and Power GmbH & Co.KG” (リチウムエナジーアンドパワー社, Lithium Energy and Power) to cooperate for developing next generation lithium battery.

To fulfill the forecasted demand to batteries on EVs by 2020, it established the joint venture to develop lithium batteries with higher efficiency and better performance. Firstly announced on November 2013, the investment proportion has been settled as: 50%, Bosch; 25%, GS YUASA; 25%, Mitsubishi. The heads are nominated and appointed from each corporation and there are about 70 employees in Germany and Japan.

“The reason for us to establish Lithium Energy and Power is to upgrade lithium battery’s performance and to develop new technology,” said Volkmar Denner, CEO of Bosch. “We aim to double the performance of existing lithium batteries.”

Better-performing lithium batteries can extend EVs’ propelling capability. They could also become smaller and more affordable for customers. The three corporations believe that EVs will become one of the mainstream products by 2020 to tackle the global warming problem as well as a new fashion around the world. As a result, they established Lithium Energy and Power to seize the initial opportunities.

Improving batteries’ performances by advanced know-how

Bosch, GS YUASA and Mitsubishi are all global-scale companies which have been devoting to develop EVs, lithium batteries and other related technology. Their know-how, from production, battery control system, monitoring system, vehicle assembling, materials to financial management and business resources, will become the strongest background for developing the next generation lithium batteries.

Bosch is experienced in massively producing well-managed EVs. GS YUASA, besides, is a firm that has been researching materials and electrical sciences for producing lithium batteries with high energetic density. In addition, Mitsubishi Group will use its global marketing network to help connect the full supply chain.

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