Lighter iPhone6 Battery Request Brings Challenges to Lithium Battery Suppliers

published: 2014-04-24 17:10 | editor: | category: News

Rumors had it that Apple requested two battery suppliers, Taiwan based Simplo Technology and Shenzhen Desay, to challenge the limit for flexible thin battery in order to respond to iPhone 6’s larger screen size and one-third of iPhone 5s’ thickness. This will seriously challenge Simplo’s and Desay’s production yield rate and unit price. If production rate is low, it may even delay iPhone 6‘s mass production date.

There are iPhone 6 battery spyshots all around the market. In those pictures, iPhone 6’s metal parts of the battery contracts are different from iPhone 5’s, which means iPhone 6 may have completely new outlook and its battery capacity may slightly increase to about 1700mAh. It’s reported that Apple plans to go automatic on all iPhone battery production in 2H14.

In the past, iPhone battery was usually led by cell manufacturers such as ATL and Tianjin Lishen, while products were shipped through assigned battery manufacturers. Last year, iPhone 5s changed Apple’s battery supply chain – battery was led by battery manufacturers, while products were shipped through cell manufacturers. It’s being said that Desay and Simplo are choosing between yield rate and ASP, but both of them said “It’s simply too difficult to choose!”

Both of Apple’s battery suppliers kept silence toward the rumor. Simplo emphasized that their sales revenue will continue to grow, targeting two-digits in terms of annual growth. Also, they will keep expanding their automated production lines. Desay’s sales revenue this year targeted on two-digit annual growth and will accelerate automation production progress as well.                                                                        

photo credit: Martin uit Utrecht via photopin cc

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