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Sungrow’s “Beyond 99%” High Power String Inverter Newly Released

published: 2014-05-27 14:53

On May 21, Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd., the largest PV inverter manufacturer, held "Beyond 99% - Sungrow’s High Power String Inverter SG60KTL Release Conference" and introduced a latest 60kW PV grid-connected inverter to the world during SNEC 2014 in Shanghai. With over 99% maximum conversion efficiency, this product is the highest power string inverter in the world and initiates a new era of the industry.

With the development of the PV market, different application environments have posed increasingly demanding requirements for the performance of inverters, the core unit of a PV plant. Sungrow’s SG60KTL is the first commercial inverter that has a maximum conversion efficiency exceeding 99% in the world. It has great friendliness to the grid and complies with the latest requirements of GB/T19964 and GB/T 29319. On the release day, it has aroused great attention from customers and 1500 pcs have been ordered.

The product has a rated output of 60kWp and high single unit powe. It takes advantage of Sungrow's high power inverters and is thus characterized in high yield, high reliability and low maintenance cost. It also maintains the flexibility of string inverters in design and integrated installation, and is thus able to meet the requirements for design and construction of large and medium rooftop and hill PV power plants and minimize the number of string inverters used.

“SG60KTL is another brand new string inverter developed by Sungrow's Hefei and Shanghai R&D teams. It provides a more choice for clients, especially for the increasingly fast-developing distributed PV projects, and can ensure the stable operation and profits of projects to the maximum extent.” Dr. Zhao Wei, V.P. of Sungrow, stated on the release conference.

As one of the largest PV inverter manufacturer in the world, Sungrow has been dedicated to provide high performance products and top class PV power plant solutions and has a complete portfolio, and is thus able to provide different choices for central and distributed PV systems with different scales and design requirements. Up to now, the accumulated installed capacity of Sungrow's inverters in the world has exceeded 8GW and ranked the first place for successively 10 years in China. The launch of SG60KTL will further strengthen Sungrow's ability to meet different requirements of clients.

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