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New York State Smart Grid Consortium Welcomes Smarter Grid Solutions as First Associate Member

published: 2014-05-30 14:57

The New York State Smart Grid Consortium (NYSSGC), a public-private partnership devoted to statewide implementation of the smart grid, announced that Smarter Grid Solutions, a smart grid technology company, will join the Consortium as its first Associate Member within the “Emerging Innovators” category.

Headquartered in Glasgow, UK, Smarter Grid Solutions is developing products that enable power companies and utilities to increase their existing grid capacity in order to connect more renewable energy and respond to the global rise in demand for electricity. As Europe’s leading vendor of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) integration solutions, Smarter Grid Solutions works with five of Great Britain’s six electricity distribution network operators. Recently, Smarter Grid Solutions opened an office in Brooklyn, New York to serve the North American smart grid market, and is already working with Con Edison on a NYSERDA-funded project to model and simulate microgrid applications for the New York metro area. To ensure that the NYSSGC is actively engaged with the emerging companies and technologies that are helping to drive grid modernization in New York, the Consortium recently added an Associate Membership level that includes both an “Industry” and “Emerging Innovators” category. These new categories are in addition to the two existing Full Membership categories of “Industry and State Leaders” and “Researchers”.

“Smarter Grid Solutions is delighted to join the Consortium as its first Associate Member, we are looking forward to collaborating with the Consortium to modernize New York State’s grid in a way that will provide immediate as well as long-term benefits for customers across the Empire State,” said Dr. Bob Currie, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Smarter Grid Solutions. “

NYSSGC membership provides organizations with access to the industry leaders that are part of this unique public-private partnership devoted to promoting broad statewide implementation of a safe, secure and reliable smart grid. As a non-profit organization established specifically to accelerate grid modernization throughout New York State, the Consortium serves as a very strong forum for member organizations to develop and shape future policies, projects and strategies.

“Through these new membership categories, the Consortium will play an important role in engaging the organizations that are driving new and potentially game changing technologies in New York’s rapidly evolving Smart Grid and Grid Modernization field,” said James T. Gallagher, Executive Director, New York State Smart Grid Consortium.

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