Astonfield and Solesa Partner to Deliver Industrial Solar Power Solutions to Emerging Markets

published: 2014-06-25 14:36 | editor: | category: News

Astonfield Renewables and Solesa will form a strategic partnership to deliver highly customized solar energy solutions to save fuel costs, reduce power outages and increase the cost competitiveness of industrial businesses across India and Eastern Africa.

Marketed under the name “Astonfield Solesa Solar” in India and Eastern Africa, the company has developed a unique PV-diesel hybrid system, marketed as the Hybrid Power Controller, which integrates solar PV with existing diesel generators to significantly offset the high and rising costs of diesel fuel for commercial and industrial power systems. Applications range from industrial rooftop solar systems to ground-mounted solar and off-grid systems.

Astonfield Solesa Solar has already secured contracts with customers for systems between 100 kW to 10 MW within its first 90 days of operation. It has commissioned its first project in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu – a 100 kW ground-mounted solar hybrid system for Indo Shell Cast Pvt. Ltd., an iron manufacturer for motorcycle, automotive and other industries. Its first projects in Eastern Africa for industrial rooftops are under construction as well.

Astonfield Solesa Solar's inaugural 100kW ground-mounted solar hybrid system for Indo Shell Cast

It is estimated that diesel gensets total 30 GW of capacity in India alone. Industrial companies rely on diesel as a hedge against frequent power shortages from the grid. It is also estimated that the potential for solar rooftops for industrial and large roofs just in India has been estimated to be 27 GW.

“We are well positioned to take advantage of this market opportunity and become leaders in India and Eastern Africa,” said Ameet Shah, Co-Chairman of Astonfield Renewables. “With our strong international project finance and procurement experience and Solesa’s long track record designing and engineering projects for commercial and industrial customers worldwide, we have an unbeatable combination of local and international expertise across the project spectrum, from design and finance to EPC and operations.”

Astonfield is an independent power producer in India with 20 MW of operational assets, 17 MW under construction, 270 MW under advanced development. Outside of India it has projects moving into the construction phase in Oman, Mauritius, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Solesa, in contrast, is an Italian engineering and solar project developer with design, engineering and project management experience delivering rooftop and ground-mounted solar projects. Its track record consists of developing 150 MW of solar projects, 30 MW of EPC projects and 30 MW of operations and maintenance (O&M) contracts.

“Our scalable and customizable solutions are uniquely compatible with other power sources, and complement most industrial and commercial load profiles, thus reducing reliance on diesel generation. And, at a minimum, they deliver a 30-40% discount relative to the cost of utilizing emergency power supply,” said Alfredo Giardina, CEO of Solesa. “Our innovative Hybrid Power Controller seamlessly integrates into industrial operations, delivering affordable solar energy consistently even in a fluctuating load environment.”

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