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Nokero Unveils the World's Brightest and most Affordable Solar Light Bulb

published: 2014-07-04 18:21

Nokero International, LLC announced last week the new ultra-efficient solar light bulb – the N182, offering double the light output in housing two-thirds the size of its predecessor. It has a radically redesigned circuit board, a cost-effective, 1-1/2” micro solar panel to collect the solar energy from which it gets its charge. After a free, 6-8 hour charge from the sun, Nokero’s N182 can provide light for five or more hours, depending on charging conditions. While the N182 is billed as the world’s brightest and most affordable LED solar light bulb, it employs the most efficient LED on the market today.

The patented, pocket-sized N182 housing is configured so that it can be used as a hanging light, a standing task light or personal flashlight. The design emphasizes ease of use and efficient energy conversion; at the request of consumers and distributors, the PCB and on/off switch are inside the light’s globe, which keeps them affordable.

“This next generation Nokera solution demonstrates the potency of powerful collaborations,” noted Nokero founder and CEO Steve Katsaros. “The incorporation of Seoul Semiconductor’s ultra-efficient mid-power 5630 LEDs into Nokera’s smaller, more versatile N182 solar light bulb is a game-changer. It transforms free, plentiful energy from the sun into an illuminating force that can profoundly, affordably improve the lives of 1.3 billion people without electricity. Product innovations like this matter because every increase in efficacy translates into longer run times and increases in brightness. This allows businesses to stay open longer, children to study longer, families to recreate more safely in areas without electricity and medical personnel to better provide humanitarian aid in event of a disaster. The possibilities are endless,” noted Katsaros.

Nokero’s N182 is the world’s most affordable solar light bulb. Its patented, pocket-sized housing is configured so that it may be used as a hanging light, a standing task light or personal flashlight.

Nokero’s launch of the N182 solar light bulb commemorates both the four-year anniversary of the company and its recent designation as one of Colorado’s Companies to Watch in 2014. Katsaros is introducing the N182 solar light bulb while discussing its attributes and applications at Colorado Energy Expo.

Since its 2010 inception, Nokero has worked with governments, NGOs and corporate partners to distribute over 1 million solar light bulbs to improve the quality of life for energy-impoverished people in 130 countries. But Katsaros says Nokero is finding enthusiastic consumers and distributors in Westernized society as well.

“We founded this company to help end energy poverty. And Nokero’s solar light bulbs are providing an important source of light (and with some models, phone charging capabilities) for off-grid homes and businesses, during power outages and in emergency situations,” noted Katsaros. “But we’re finding consumers are also inspired to use them for beach, garden and networking events, weddings, camping and biking excursions – a creative range of outdoor activities where traditional power sources may not be readily available.”

Source: World’s Most Affordable Solar Light Bulb?

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