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Mitsubishi Electric Unveils a Power Conditioner for PV, EV and Commercial Power Grid

published: 2014-07-07 17:55

Mitsubishi Electric unveils its new power conditioner, SMARTV2H, which can invert residential PV system, electric vehicles’ (EV) battery and commercial power grid to optimize the integration of multi power resources.

SMARTV2H is the world’s first power conditioner that can invert power resources between solar power, chargeable EV battery and commercial power supply. For three distinct situations, it is designed with three different modes:

(1)   The Green Mode: during the day, PV system can generate power to supply residential use and to charge EV’s battery. During the night, the home owners can consume electricity stored in EV’s battery and purchase needed power from the commercial power supplier connected by the grid.

(2)   The Economy Mode: during the day, PV system generates electricity for residential use. Meanwhile, the power surplus can be sold to the power company through the grid. During the night, moreover, the owner can purchase discounted power to charge EV’s battery for future use.

(3)   Separate Operation Mode: when out of power supply, the electricity stored in EV’s battery can be used as an emergency power supply.

Featuring capability of inverting PV, EV battery and commercial power, SMARTV2H offers higher flexibility than the previous V2H power conditioner which was unable to invert electricity provided by commercial grid. With this new product, it is possible to charge EVs by PV systems while consuming solar electricity. It also enables customers to connect their residential PV systems and EVs to commercial power grid for direct power purchasing or selling. The 6kW SMARTV2H power conditioner will be on sale by July 31st.

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