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Shin-Etsu Chemical to Begin Licensing of Its High Efficiency Solar Cell Manufacturing Technology

published: 2014-07-28 18:09

Shin-Etsu Chemical has established a mass production process for its mono-si solar cells with a conversion efficiency of 21%, the highest level in the PV industry of its kind until now.

Shin-Etsu Chemical’s 156 x 156mm advanced mono crystalline silicon solar cells have the conversion efficiency of 21%, marking the highest level and pioneer in the PV industry that is able to enter in the mass production process of the same practical-size solar cell products. The company has possessed about 10 patents regarding this technology, and has decided to license of the use of these patents and its mass production process technology.

In addition to the high conversion efficiency, the technology features of a manufacturing process that is applicable to existing screen-printing technology, meaning that it is possible for the 21% efficiency solar cells to be massively produced simply by introducing a few additional systems. Moreover, the new solar cells are bifacial light-receiving so they are expected to generate more power in a strongly reflected environment such as snow and water surface. 

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