Sharp Introduces SmartStorage Energy Management Solution

published: 2014-07-30 14:57 | editor: | category: News

Sharp Electronics Corporation launched its new SmartStorage energy solution, which is immediately available throughout California and will be expanded to other states in the second half of 2014. SmartStorage is a unique energy storage solution, which can dramatically cut utility demand charges for commercial and industrial buildings. It was developed in the U.S. at Camas, Wash.-based Sharp Laboratories of America.

Being backed by Sharps’ 10-year O&M service and performance guarantee, SmartStorage keeps a large amount of electric energy stored in reserve, which it selectively releases in order to limit a facility’s electricity demand. The system employs sophisticated, predictive controls to manage the release of this energy, resulting in high performance, high system efficiency and world-class reliability. Sharp’s confidence in its product is reflected in its innovative performance guarantee, made available following a review of a commercial customer’s historical load profile.

SmartStorage operates effectively either as a stand-alone solution or when deployed together with a solar electric installation. Each case can result in lower demand charges for building owners, which is especially important with rising energy rates, like the 15%+ rate hike on demand charges that occurred this June for San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison customers.

“HelioPower views SmartStorage as a game-changer for clean-energy in California," explains Brandon Conard, Chief Strategy Officer of HelioPower, an integrated energy solutions company with more than 4,000 solar and clean energy installations to date in the California market. "We have reviewed a number of other emerging storage offers and believe that SmartStorage, backed by Sharp’s world-class combination of technology, reliability and service track record, is the best product in the market.”

With recently signed distribution agreements and initial product orders, Sharp has begun to successfully collaborate with California-based project development allies to roll out SmartStorage to business owners throughout the state. Over the past 18 months, SmartStorage has undergone rigorous quality assurance testing, with performance and reliability validated at a commercial building pilot deployment in downtown San Diego.

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