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“Happy Sunshine” Once Again Lights Up “Hope Program” in China

published: 2014-08-01 14:41

Hanwha SolarOne partners with China Youth Development Foundation to donate a 30 KWh solar PV system that will provide continuous power support to Xiegou Town Center Primary School in Datong County, Qinghai Province. This is part of Hanwha SolarOne’s signature corporate responsibility program – “Happy Sunshine” in China, which will improve overall conditions of local schools, enable its long-term development, and help teachers and students to understand the value of sustainable development.

Commissioned by the Hanwha Group, Hanwha SolarOne will specially design and install a 30 KWh distributed rooftop PV system tailored for school. In addition, Hanwha SolarOne will provide the school with comprehensive operational and maintenance related training.

Hanwha Group donated and installed another 30 KWh distributed rooftop PV system for the Hope Primary School in Wufeng County, Hubei Province in the previous year, and this year's donation for Xiegou Town Center Primary School signifies the continued expansion and achievements in the company's corporate social responsibility in China. Mr. Seong-Woo Nam, CEO of Hanwha SolarOne, stated during the signing ceremony, "Hanwha Group is dedicated to supporting children's education while fostering a greater understanding of sustainable development and renewable energy. Looking ahead, we are committed to continue expanding our corporate responsibility footprint in China through cooperating with public welfare organizations and trade associations so to continue helping people in need."

Mr. Sun Guangbin, Secretary of CCCME further said, "Hanwha Group's 'Happy Sunshine' program has successfully incorporated the company's technical strength and has set an industry precedence by establishing a new direction for CSR programs implemented by solar industries. We hope to see more solar PV industries leveraging its business strengths into their CSR projects so to enable clean energy to benefit the wider population."

Since entering China, Hanwha Group is committed to developing alongside the Chinese society and fulfill its responsibility to the community. In 2013, Hanwha Group introduced its global CSR program - "Happy Sunshine" - into China. The CSR program combines together hope to achieve cleaner energy in the future alongside hope for a brighter future through education. By providing a continuous source of reliable electricity to schools and improving overall conditions, Hanwha Group remains committed to its pledge in ensuring "Green Energy Helps Youth Education" and lighting up children's studies.

(Photo Credit: chn.chosun.com)

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