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EU Will Not Launch Anti-circumvention Probe in China

published: 2014-08-22 18:21

The EU Trade Commission has confirmed that it will not pursue SolarWorld’s claims of Chinese trade breaches because there is no convincible evidence.

This June, EU ProSun handed a document and asked the EU Trade Commission to launch a new phase of trade probe in China’s agreement-violating moves. Moreover, SolarWorld and a group of European PV manufacturers was rumored of petitioning for anti-circumvention investigation in China as well as Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia because they were suspected to help China to circumvent the minimum import price agreement

Amidst the rumors, the Commission has told PV Tech that it will not be pursuing the dossier of evidence presented by EU ProSun and SolarWorld that purported to show breaches of the EU-China price undertaking. A spokeswoman for the EU trade commission told PV Tech: “The Commission can only act on the basis of solid evidence.”

According to the spokeswoman, the Commission monitors the trade activities by a variety of methods and finds no conclusive findings which are able to be used as evidences for the circumvention accuse. As a result, the Commission can’t use the dossier from EU ProSun and SolarWorld.

Milan Nitzschke, president of EU ProSun and vice-president of SolarWorld, expressed his disappointment and insisted that China has been trying every way of circumvention. On the contrary, some manufacturers said it is impossible to hide the so-called “evidence of circumventing.”

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(photo credit: Argonne National Laboratory via photopin cc)

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