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ClipperCreek Launches 32 Amp EV Charging Station – More Power, Same Price

published: 2014-09-11 15:58

ClipperCreek announces an upgrade in power for the popular HCS-40 and CS-40 series EV charging stations; from 30 Amps to 32 Amps continuous as a standard offering.

The HCS-40 is the first major brand, low cost, Level 2 electric vehicle charging station to break through to the 32 Amp level without increasing the selling price. With 25 feet of charging cable and a “no strings attached” 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, the HCS-40’s durability and usability is on par with what customers have come expect from ClipperCreek products.

Charging at 32 Amps and 240Volts, the 7.7KW HCS-40 offers increased power for cost conscious customers. All of ClipperCreek’s charging station products are safety certified by independent testing laboratories and compatible with all plug in vehicles available today.

“We are constantly developing new products to bring the next level of customer value to the market,” said Jason France, President and Founder of ClipperCreek. “After an in depth analysis, the ClipperCreek team determined the standards would allow an additional 480 Watts of power for charging without compromising quality, safety, or durability. The company’s HCS-40 and CS-40 models are now offered at the 32 Amp charging level with no increase in price.”

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