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Kipp & Zonen Introduces a New Way to Measure the Sun Radiation

published: 2014-09-18 17:02

A precise measurement of solar irradiation is the key for finding optimal locations for PV systems - and it helps to make investment decisions. In solar practice, radiation measurement is also the basis for maximizing the operational efficiency, for scheduling maintenance, for monitoring performance and for improving the technology. It therefore becomes an essential issue to figure out an efficient way of measuring the sunlight.

Kipp&Zonen’s Smart solution

Kipp & Zonen, a Dutch company, endeavors to develop instruments for solar radiation measurements such as CMP series pyranometers, CHP 1 pyrheliometer and the SOLYS 2 sun tracker. The latest generation, the SMP pyranometers and SHP pyrheliometer are perfectly suitable for industrial applications thanks to their standard Modbus® connection. With the smart range, measuring solar irradiance is available for all solar energy projects.

Keeping the weather in mind: irradiation measurement is important for an efficient operation of solar plants. (Photos: Kipp & Zonen)

The Smart interface accurately handles the small micro Volt signals inside the pyranometer. The outputs are RS-485 Modbus® plus a 0 to 1 Volt or 4 to 20 mA output. For the evaluation, the Modbus® interface presents the radiation signal directly in W/m2. The new generation sensors from Kipp & Zonen are called “smart” because they provide more than just a digital interface. In addition to the irradiance, also the body temperature, the power supply voltage and the calibration information are available. The radiation data is temperature corrected and the standardized calibration factor makes the exchange of sensors much easier. When exchanging instruments, for instance, after calibration, no further adjustments to the software or logger need to be done. This convenient handling saves time and prevents measuring mistakes.

New from Kipp & Zonen: A complete weather station

At Intersolar Europe, Kipp & Zonen introduced its new weather station for solar applications. The station can be equipped with Kipp & Zonen radiometers and also be added to one of Kipp & Zonen’s solar monitoring stations, which are based on sun trackers. The weather stations’s standard configuration consists of sensors for the primary meteorological parameters, a mast and complete mounting system. The station uses a Campbell Scientific data logger. In combination with the high quality solar radiation instruments, the station fulfills the most demanding requirements for modern weather and solar radiation monitoring.

The compact weather station typically consists of two Kipp & Zonen pyranometers, for tilted and horizontal global irradiance, a 3-cup anemometer and a vane for wind speed and direction, and highly accurate sensors for relative humidity and temperature. The data logger is mounted in a rugged weatherproof enclosure on the mast, which has a strong and stable tripod base.

Real life presentation: From September 23-25, Kipp & Zonen will showcase the weather station and the latest generation of pyranometers at EU PVSEC in Amsterdam. Visitors will meet the company at booth B16/hall 1.
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