Mission Solar Energy to Construct Texas’s First N-Type Solar Manufacturing Factory

published: 2014-09-23 17:13 | editor: | category: News

Mission Solar Energy celebrated the opening of their state-of-the-art solar panel manufacturing facility at Brooks City-Base. The factory is the only N-type solar cell and module manufacturing facility in Texas, and solar panels produced at the plant will be installed at local solar farms, generating clean electricity that will fuel the community and CPS Energy’s New Energy Economy Initiative.

The 240,000 square-foot facility is the first producer of N-type solar panels in the United States. This technologically advanced solar module outperforms traditional P-type products, producing more electricity more efficiently. The 72-cell modules are capable of generating up to 320 watts of power each and are manufactured at a rate of 50 panels per hour. The plant currently employs 240 individuals and plans to expand to 400 employees when at full, 200 MW capacity next year.

“Through CPS Energy’s leadership, San Antonio is quickly becoming a hub for solar energy technology in the U.S.,” said Alex Kim, President and CEO of Mission Solar Energy. “This is an ideal business climate for our growing company as we aim to launch our product on the world stage.”

Mission Solar Energy joins a number of companies that have taken up residence in San Antonio as part of CPS Energy’s New Energy Economy. The New Energy Economy initiative encourages clean energy manufacturing while creating local jobs. Already, the consortium has brought nearly 100 MW of solar power to San Antonio with plans to reach 200MW by July 2015. Once complete the project will power 10% of San Antonio’s homes.

“This panel manufacturing facility is the centerpiece of San Antonio’s growing solar community,” noted CPS Energy CEO Doyle Beneby. “With trackers, inverters and now panels made locally, San Antonio is poised to become a hotbed for solar manufacturing, development and installation—especially when you consider that these super-efficient panels have the flexibility to be used for utility-scale solar farms and for rooftop installations on homes and businesses.”

As the global solar market grows, Mission Solar Energy’s completion of the first and only N-type solar cell and module manufacturing company in the U.S. promises to catapult Texas into the top five U.S. solar producing states. Locally, their technologically-advanced solar modules will generate electricity for the city of San Antonio just as their plant continues to generate jobs and boost the local economy. This project paves the way for the U.S. to embrace solar energy as a real and immediate possibility.

Another consortium partner of the New Energy Economy, Sun Action Trackers, also opened the doors on their 38,500 square foot facility on San Antonio’s north side. The company manufactures solar trackers which orient solar panels towards the sun.

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