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“SolarSinter” the Solar Powered 3D Printer, Printing Objects out of Sand

published: 2014-09-26 16:07

Markus Kayser, an artist who has been focusing on furniture designs since his college days, built up a solar powered 3D printer – “SolarSinter Project.” By harnessing the power of the sun, the 3D printer can print objects out of sand.

The “SolarSinter” shares a similar concept with laser sintering printers adopted by operations like SpaceX which can print objects out of metal. Kayser uploaded a video of a demonstration in the Egyptian desert. In the video, he showed how to drive a special-designed machine to harness the sunlight through a glass ball lens to “laser cut” 2D components.

The SolarSinter is a follower of the artist’s previous work, the Sun Cutter Project. He tried to harness sunlight to produce object through a low-tech, low energy laser cutter. With the Sun Cutter, the SolarSinter can create artworks from sand – a new idea of 3D printing.

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