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Stem and KYOCERA Solar Launch Energy Storage Solution for Commercial Power Users

published: 2014-10-15 14:16

Stem, a leader in advanced energy technology, has teamed with Kyocera Solar to offer an integrated solar PV and energy storage solution for commercial power users. The new solution automatically reduces demand on the electric utility grid, providing guarantees for significant energy savings now and against possible future tariffs — benefits reinforced by using high-performance Kyocera solar modules. Kyocera is the first solar provider to offer Stem’s innovative solution, which is available now to businesses in California, Hawaii and New York looking to reduce energy costs by going solar.

“Intelligent energy storage is a natural fit for PV — and our solution integrates seamlessly with Kyocera’s solar technology to bring new value to the commercial market,” said Stem CEO John Carrington. “Kyocera’s expertise in providing turnkey solutions through its technology partners presents a great opportunity for Stem as we expand our offering to solar customers.”

Stem’s advanced, behind-the-meter energy storage and predictive analytics combine to enable rapid response to spikes in commercial customers’ electricity demand, drawing on previously stored power to reduce energy costs. In aggregate, these systems can provide additional capacity to utilities during periods of variable solar generation and peak demand. Stem's system can also predict power usage up to 30 days in advance, charging the on-site battery from the utility grid when rates are lowest, and saving customers up to 20% on their annual electricity bill.

“Kyocera is an industry leader in solar module reliability, and the Stem platform will optimize our customers’ energy use through real-time data and state-of-the-art energy storage technology,” said Steve Hill, president of Kyocera Solar Inc. “Simply put, we believe our comprehensive solution offers a greater return, in a shorter period, and with a longer total lifespan, than any competing renewable energy system.”

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