Taiwanese PV Manufacturers Benefit from China’s Strong Demand

published: 2014-10-15 18:19 | editor: | category: News

Stronger demand from China led Taiwanese PV manufacturers to perform better in September than in August. Makers include Tainergy Tech, Motech, Gigasolar and Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) were profitable due to significantly higher utilization rates triggered by orders from China.

Motech has signed a 22MW PV module supply agreement with a Chinese manufacturer and expected a total of 80MW installation in 2015. The agreement helped Motech to get rid of the low ebb in August when the company’s revenue was only TWD $ 1.17 billion, the lowest amount the past 18 months. Thanks to the agreement, Motech’s revenue in September rapidly increased about 40% and is forecasted to maintain for a period.

Meanwhile, Gigasolar and SAS respectively broke their monthly revenue records. A representative from Gigasolar explained: “Shipment growth of three kinds of our conductive paste contributed most to the increase.” As cell companies restarted their manufacturing processes, revived demands and orders to conductive paste led the revenue growth. Gigasolar optimistically expected a higher global market share along with more PV installations in China in the fourth quarter of 2014.

In addition, Neo Solar Power (NSP) foresees better performances for Taiwanese makers on the basis of stronger demands in the last quarter as well as higher ASP, which is recognized as an aid to utilization rates and incomes. Green Energy Technology’s (GET’s) utilization rates maintained at 95% in September and expected a price increase of high-performance cells under China’s stronger demand to high-efficiency distributed generation systems in the quarter.

The better performance is described as a relief from impacts of U.S.'s anti-dumpin and countervailing duties. As the duties are not cancelled, it is expected to influence almost all Taiwanese PV manufacturers. They have to work on new industrial strategies to avoid more severe damages.

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