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Spotlight Solar Brings Solar Into the Landscape

published: 2014-10-20 15:36

Spotlight Solar has added two new products to their line of architectural solar structures. Designed for high-visibility locations, these attractive systems bring solar technology front and center, signaling a property owner's care for the environment. These striking products are meant to complement other energy projects, adding reputation value to the ROI on green building investments.

The two new offerings -- Curve and Industry -- join Spotlight's flagship product, Lift. The line now covers a range of architectural styles and price points. "Our clients love Lift for its flexibility and dynamic look. It is both art and a clean energy machine. We've designed Curve and Industry to be equally striking and functional, but in different forms and sizes," said Rob Surra, co-founder and leader of product design. "The character of Industry is architectural and will complement many building styles. Curve is fresh and inviting, bending toward the sun and visitors to the property."

Spotlight's clients include commercial and public properties of many kinds -- schools, a science museum, a city hall, even The St. Louis Rams. Solar integrators have found these unique products helpful in differentiating their services and brand. Pete Marte of Hannah Solar in Atlanta stated: "The Spotlight Solar structure at our new building has dramatically elevated our visibility. The mayor knows about it, the utility knows about it, the NFL team, and several rooftop system prospects. We do a great job selling solar by the numbers, but having a striking artistic installation has brought the TV cameras and CEOs."

Craig Merrigan, co-founder and CEO, explains Spotlight Solar's intent, "Hundreds of billions of dollars have gone into green building. But those investments are largely hidden in the walls and on rooftops, so part of the potential value -- reputation value -- is missing. If we can shine a light on that authentic stewardship with beautiful solar in the landscape, ROI from green building investments will rise. And when people engage with elegant solar technology, they will be reminded to consider their own energy choices."

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