Unirac and Enphase Partner to Cut Copper Wires and Grounding Lugs for PV Installation

published: 2014-10-21 15:30 | editor: | category: News

As a provider of competitive PV mounting solutions in North America, Unirac’s SolarMount system becomes the first residential PV mounting system in North America to provide a revolutionary grounding and bonding process listed to UL2703 that eliminates the need for copper wire and grounding straps from the installation process.

“In a market driven by cost, this method of grounding an array further simplifies installation, enhances safety, and saves on labor and materials costs,” said Peter Lorenz, CEO of Unirac. “The partnership between Unirac and Enphase is a signal that we need to harness the full potential of cost savings by working together”

SolarMount’s mounting technology when used with Enphase Energy® M215 and M250 Microinverters, meets all grounding and bonding per UL2703. All SolarMount integrated bonding components have been extensively tested by TUV Reinland Group, too.

“Since Enphase introduced integrated ground capability for the M215 and M250 microinverter systems, solar contractors have benefited from shorter installation times, lower copper and other materials costs, and improved safety conditions,” said Martin Fornage, chief technology officer of Enphase. “The UL-listed solution pairing Unirac’s SolarMount with Enphase’s integrated ground technology will provide even more cost-reduction efficiencies to our installation partners.”

Unirac is introducing new enhancements designed for easier rooftop installations. SolarMount’s pre-assembled and integrated bonding mid clamp provides module-to-rail bonding by utilizing patented top mounting technology to penetrate through the anodized finish of rail for a continuous bond through the array, eliminating additional hardware. An integrated bonding splice eliminates bonding jumpers or grounding straps to electrical bond rails across the splice, reducing installation steps and copper to shave total installed cost. Installers can seamlessly fasten the microinverter anywhere along the top of the rail while creating an electric bond.

Unirac is celebrating 15+ years of solar racking innovation at Solar Power International 2014. 

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