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Tommy Hilfiger New Solar Powered Jacket: Charges Cellphone Anytime

published: 2014-12-02 16:44


The world famous fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger, dominated 90s fashion, and has repositioned himself in today’s high-tech driven society.

Recently, Tommy Hilfiger launched a new line of jacket – solar panel jacket. Embedded with soft solar panels on the back of the jacket, the jacket can generate power when walking under the sun. The power generated can charge cell phone battery and can be stored in the removable battery that’s hidden inside the Jacket. The power can also be output through two sets of USB.

Although both solar panel and jacket are waterproof, users can remove the solar panel and battery when not needed.

Tommy Hilfiger’s solar panel jacket has size for men and women. The innovative piece retails for US$599.



Source: Tommy Hilfiger New Solar Powered Jacket - Charges Most Cellphones On The Go

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