NRG Debuts Growth Plan for 2015 and Beyond at Investor Meeting

published: 2015-01-16 13:24 | editor: | category: News

NRG Energy debuts its long-term growth plan at its 2015 Investor Meeting, walking the audience through how the traditional power company plans to continue its transformation in a world trending towards carbon constraints and personalized energy consumption. Themed “Win Today, Win Tomorrow and Win the Future,” the meeting will be broadcast via live stream accessible along with presentation materials.

“Decentralized generation. Personal power. Clean energy. Freedom from the constraints of being constantly tethered to the wall outlet. We have a distinct point of view on where the energy industry needs to go and a plan on how NRG helps lead the way,” said NRG CEO David Crane. “The electric industry treats meters as its customers but it is people who use energy and the energy consumers of the 21st Century want all the benefits that new clean energy technology can provide.”

NRG will explain it progress as a clean energy solution company focusing on industrial, commercial and residential consumers. It will also depict its roadmap of the combination of solutions in the NRG Group of Companies: NRG Home, NRG Business, NRG Renew, NRG eVgo, NRG Carbon 360 and NRG Yield.

“As 2015 represents a pivotal point for NRG in unlocking the value of the NRG Group of Companies, it is essential that we provide our investors a succinct and tangible means to remain confident in the value proposition and free cash flow power of our legacy platforms as well as the complementary and value-enhancing nature of our new initiatives,” said Kirk Andrews, NRG CFO.

Details of NRG’s Investor Meeting would include:

  • NRG Business capitalizing on wholesale generation retirement, consolidating value, and leading the market in distributed generation;
  • NRG Home capitalizing on new products and services for the retail market and the widespread and growing appeal of residential solar;
  • NRG Renew capturing opportunities in the high-growth distributed (C&I) solar market;
  • NRG Carbon 360 leveraging societal demands for reduced greenhouse gas emissions and bringing on-line a series of large-scale carbon-as-asset events thus turning carbon into a productive asset;
  • NRG eVgo capitalizing on the need for a national, interoperable charging infrastructure;
  • NRG Yield capitalizing on its intrinsic growth pipeline.

“From capturing the solar value of rooftops to monetizing carbon, NRG is showcasing its expertise in capturing value from the new generation of clean energy technology.” Crane continued, “The companies best positioned to win in this transformed environment are companies with an established energy relationship with the customer, so long as energy companies, like NRG, adapt to the new environment.”

Further, the same disruptive forces that have transformed industries from telecommunications to media and entertainment are on the cusp of impacting the energy industry. Sequences of creative market disruption as seen in the digital and mobile age are often followed by substantial value creation opportunities.

Presentation material and a live audio webcast will be available by logging on to NRG’s website at // and clicking on “Presentations and Webcasts” under the “Investors” section at the bottom of the home page. The webcast begins at 8 am Central Time and will be archived on the site for those unable to listen in real time.

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