EnergyTrend to Expand International Renewable Market Research as TrendForce Acquires Topology

published: 2015-01-23 1:18 | editor: | category: News

TrendForce Corp., a global market intelligence firmas well as owner of EnergyTrend, announced today (January 22nd) that it has become the majority shareholder of Topology Research Institute, with all the controlling stakeholder’s operating rights entailed. Kevin Lin, the CEO of TrendForce, will also hold the title of Chairman of Topology. After the merger, EnergyTrend will integrate both institutes’ resources, including green energy research, services and clients, to expand its global market research scope.

“Market intelligence and intellectual property is a professional field with a bright future in an age dominated by high tech industries, Big Data, and the Internet,” said, Lin, Chairman of Topology and CEO of TrendForce. Based in Taiwan, TrendForce has established itself as a recognized brand name endorsed and invested by technology giants and international investment banksafter more than a decade of hard work. The merger is believed to supplement and strengthen both firms and help offer advanced industry analysis and consultation services.

Founded in 2000, TrendForce has built up its position as the global authority of research and analysis on the DRAM industry starting with DRAMeXchange. The company established EnergyTrend in 2010 and entered researches regarding solar PV, lithium-ion battery, electric vehicle and other renewable energy. The merger will lead to an expansion of related issues through combining and integrating Topology’s resources such as smart grid.

TrendForce’s primary clients are internationally renowned brand names and major enterprises in China, including the triumvirate of the tech world – Apple, Google and Facebook. Other global brand names that TrendForce has served include Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Lenovo, and many more. Global investment firms, such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, Mitsubishi UFJ and Credit Suisse, have also continuously retained TrendForce’s services. Topology Research Institute, on the other hand,was established in 1996 and has been primarily providing studies on the technology industries in Taiwan and China.

TrendForce-Topology Alliance will build on TrendForce’s existing overseas client base and create a key investment bridge to the Greater China Region for foreign firms. Both sides of the merger will be able to take advantage of each other’s talents and clientele while creating the market intelligence that the technology industries demand.The mission of TrendForce and Topology is to become the knowledge gateway for companies expanding globally or in China.

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