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WINAICO Helps Questacon to Install Rooftop PV System for Engagement with Sustainable Technology

published: 2015-01-27 15:42

To Extend Questacon’s continuous investments in new technology and energy sustainability, the National Science and Technology Centre installed a 94kW solar PV system on the building’s rooftop by using 360 high efficient WINAICO PV modules. The PV system is expected to supply approximately 10% of Questacon's annual electricity requirements.

Questacon, Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre was founded in the early 1980s and is the first Australian interactive science center. The Centre was built as a joint Australia-Japan Bicentennial Project with the Japanese Government and business community contributing half of the cost of the building. The rooftop solar system has been designed by Laros Technologies and was installed by Shepherd Electrical.

The WINAICO PV modules offer advanced reliability and system security, and are coupled with the unique system-wide insurance coverag. In addition, the Questacon PV system adopts the aerodynamically assisted, self-ballasted, non-roof-penetrating “Ilzosave” PV module mounting system from the German company Ilzosurf2 and supplied by LAROS Technologies in Australia. This technology makes use of the wind movement passing over the modules to actually create a partial vacuum under the modules, which in turn makes them “hug” the roof surface, and become very resistant to being moved by the wind.

The success of the project would not have been possible without the substantial planning and design that was done in preparation for the installation. An array of challenges presented themselves, such as the inclusion of Questacon in the Parliamentary Triangle and the associated aesthetic design considerations, difficult roof area shapes and access, meeting the delicate structural loading requirements of certain roof areas, and substantial shading and solar access management around the iconic structures of the Questacon building, all yielded solutions as the LAROS team applied their extensive expertise and innovative approaches to the project.

With their substantial experience in commercial solar projects, Laros Technologies has successfully provided Questacon with a solar power station that will make an efficient and reliable clean energy contribution to its electricity needs for decades to come.

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