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China’s Cumulative Installed PV Capacity Surpasses 28GW in 2014

published: 2015-03-13 17:22

By the end of 2014, the cumulative PV installation in China increased 60% YoY to 28.05GW, among which 23.38GW was for PV plants while the rest 4.67GW was for distributed PV systems, according to data released by China National Energy Administration. Annual power generated increased over 200% YoY to about 25000GWh.

In 2014, China’s newly-added PV capacity was 10.6GW, representing one fifth of the global newly-added PV capacity and one third of Chinese PV cell/module capacity. China was able to achieve the average annual target of 10GW, among which 8.55GW was for PV plants while the rest 2.05GW was for distributed PV systems.

The national solar PV was co-developed in east and west of China. The newly-added PV capacity in the east was 5.6GW, accounting for 53% of the total. Among the 5.6GW, 1.52GW was added in Jiangsu Province; 0.97GW was added in Hebei Province.

In the meantime, it’s confirmed that China's PV installation data of 2013 has been adjusted. In the end of 2013, China's cumulative PV capacity was 17.45GW while the newly-added capacity was 10.95GW.

PV solar statistic data of 2014 is as follow:
(Contains data for certain regions in China only)

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