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Kyocera to Launch Solar-compatible Energy Storage Solution for Residential Use in Germany

published: 2015-03-16 13:49

Kyocera Corporation, Energetik Solartechnologie-Vertriebs GmbH and Solare Datensysteme GmbH have teamed up to offer an energy storage solution for residential use in Germany. The new solution, which includes Kyocera’s battery storage system and Solare Datensysteme’s energy monitoring software and hardware, can be combined with solar power generating systems to realize power generation and power storage at home, thus contributing to energy independence and reduced utility costs. Energetik will begin sales in May 2015.

In Germany, the expansion of renewable energy in recent years has caused concerns for instability in the electricity grid. Furthermore, in response to decreasing feed-in-tariffs for renewable energy and rising electricity costs, there is a growing demand for storage systems to facilitate the self-consumption of electricity created by solar power generating systems.

Schematic of electricity flow combining a solar power generating system and new battery storage system (Source: Kyocera)

The solution features of two available sizes of batteries, 4.8kWh and 7.2kWh, for customers to select depending on their power usage. By combining with a multi inverter which incorporates functions of the solar power inverter and battery inverter, the solution achieves high charging efficiency of 97%. Energy created by solar power can be directly charged to the storage batteries so the power loss from conversion could be reduced.

In addition, the inverter and battery box are separated so the equipment is easier to carry and installation location is more flexible due to its compact size. Last but not least, it offers comprehensive electricity data through Solare Datensysteme’s monitoring software and hardware, Solar-Log™. Data including the amount of power consumption, electricity generated from solar power, energy charged to and discharged from the batteries, and current battery capacity are available for users to check via their computers, tables and smartphones. Users can optimize their power use by the data.

“With the growing use of solar energy, self-consumption is becoming increasingly important in order to reduce burden on the electricity grid,” said Nobuo Kitamura, senior executive officer and general manager of the Corporate Solar Energy Group at Kyocera. “As a pioneer in the solar industry with over four decades of experience, and the number one supplier of residential lithium-ion battery storage systems in Japan, Kyocera aims to further promote renewable energy by offering a comprehensive solution combining solar power generation and energy storage.”

Frank Rohland, Managing Director of Energetik, stated, “Since 1995, Energetik has been providing photovoltaic components in Germany with the strong belief that renewable energy will become more important in the future. Based on our expertise in this market, we will collaborate with Kyocera to offer high-quality storage batteries available all-in-one with Kyocera’s solar modules and inverters, which reduce reliance on the electricity grid and can also be utilized without grid connection.”

“An intelligent energy management solution more than ever is the key factor for a responsible and sustainable global energy supply for everyone,” emphasizes Dr. Frank Schlichting, chief executive officer of Solare Datensysteme. “As a leader in the field of energy monitoring, power control and self-consumption management for more than 10 years, Solare Datensysteme is proud of contributing to the realization of this mission.”

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