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Ultrasolar and NanoEnergy Together to Deliver PV System Efficiency Improver

published: 2015-03-25 14:32

Ultrasolar Technology Inc., a California-based solar PV startup focusing on increasing PV systems’ efficiency, announced a strategic alliance with NanoEnergy Ltd. of Japan to introduce Ultrasolar’s QuantumBoost™ to the Japanese market. The initial delivery is planned as 177MW.

“At NanoEnergy, now we are poised to capitalize on the growth of renewable energy in Japan. This partnership positions us uniquely in the marketplace to deliver the best energy efficiency systems,” noted Koyo (Kenny) Iwasaki, President of NanoEnergy. “Today, the solar booster TAM is $5.6B (¥680B); entering into a long term agreement to install and commission QuantumBoost™ systems will drive NanoEnergys’ growth.”

“NanoEnergy prides itself on delivering the most advanced energy efficiency technology such as Nano Fuel Emulsion Equipment; and hard water treatment systems. I'm confident QuantumBoost™ will grow our business significantly over the next few years,” according to Muneya Arakawa, Chairman of NanoEnergy, who introduced Ultrasolar into the Japan market at its inception.

Ultrasolar and NanoEnergy have been working together to build the global footprint of Ultrasolar since Arakawa’s introduction. That partnership created the opportunity to increase the global business profile of Ultrasolar Technology enabling the growing startup to establish a position in Japan and Asia/Pacific.

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