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SunLink Completely Acquired Flagship Single-Axis Solar Tracker Solution

published: 2015-03-26 11:49

SunLink Corporation has finalized the acquisition of the SunLink ViaSol Tracker which have been installed at multi-megawatt projects as Arizona State University and USAA’s Phoenix Campus sites, as well as a Southern California community solar project for NRG Energy. The SunLink ViaSol Tracker features installation and O&M benefits through the utilization of industry standard, off-the-shelf components and a streamlined design.

“We’ve been watching this segment with keen interest for quite some time, and now thanks to significant gains in module efficiencies, the economics of trackers have finally gotten to the point where an investment made sense for our company and for our customers,” said Michael Maulick, CEO of SunLink. “Lowered project costs, coupled with the current ground-mount market boom, motivated our move to command the tracker space with a reliable and extremely price-competitive solution for our partners.”

In the U.S., approximately 5 GW of solar projects are likely to be utility-scale and commercial ground-mount projects. Now offering a full range of trusted fixed tilt and tracker ground-mount solutions, SunLink is better able to support customers that are tapping into this market potential, especially the more than 65% of ground-mount projects being built with tracker technology today.

SunLink’s ViaSol single-axis tracker features a robust central drive that delivers 25+ year durability, lower hardware costs and higher reliability while requiring significantly less maintenance than distributed driven products. Using drive components that have been proven over decades in the heavy equipment industry, each power unit drives up to 1 MW of solar modules. The product offers market-leading pricing in both the utility sector and the commercial space – particularly for commercial projects of 1 to 5 MW.

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