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Fuji Electric Wins Geothermal Power Equipment Contracts in Indonesia and Iceland

published: 2015-03-27 11:19

Fuji Electric has been selected as the supplier of geothermal power equipment for two major projects in Indonesia and Iceland. The power electronics manufacturer will supply two units of geothermal steam turbines and generators—each with a power generation capacity of 20,000kW—to PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy, a subsidiary of Indonesia's oil, gas, renewable and new energy company PT Pertamina. The production is to be completed by the end of year 2016. In the Republic of Iceland, Fuji Electric was awarded a contract for a power generating unit for the Theistareykir Geothermal Power Plant, slated to begin in October 2017.

Fuji Electric has been awarded the Indonesian contract through Sumitomo Corporation of Japan, which formed a consortium with PT Rekayasa Industri (Rekayasa), an engineering company in Indonesia, to win and undertake an EPC contract from PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy for Units 5 and 6 at the Lahendong Geothermal Area. The Units will be constructed in Minahasa district of the North Sulawesi Province of Indonesia. At the Lahendong Geothermal Area, Fuji Electric, in collaboration with Sumitomo Corporation and Rekayasa, has successfully delivered three units of geothermal steam turbines and generators for Units 2, 3 and 4.

Fuji Electric was awarded the Iceland contract by the National Power Company of Iceland (Landsvirkjun) to the consortium consisting of FE and Balcke-Dürr GmbH of Germany and Fuji Electric will design, manufacture and supply the steam turbine and generator, which will be installed and commissioned on site in Iceland and delivered to Landsvirkjun. The total capacity of the project is 45 MW, and the Theistareykir Geothermal Power Plant is located in the Northeastern part of Iceland.

This project is the latest in an effort by Iceland to increase its reliance on renewable energy, and over 99% of the country’s annual electric power is generated from renewable energy sources. The percentage of geothermal power generation is over 27%, next to hydroelectric power generation, and since Iceland has the world’s sixth-highest geothermal resource potential, construction of multiple geothermal power stations is planned for the future.

Geothermal power generation can be used as a base-load power source that provides a stable power supply, using renewable energy sources such as steam and hot water from the ground. Development of geothermal power stations is in progress in countries around the world where high geothermal resource potential exist, including Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Japan. Since 1960, Fuji Electric has delivered a total of 71 geothermal steam turbine power generation units providing a capacity of 2,787 MW in Japan and overseas (of which six units with a capacity of 219 MW have been delivered to Iceland) and, in the decade from 2004 to 2013, the power electronics manufacturer achieved the world’s largest market share (40%) with 21 units delivered providing 1,068 MW.

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