Gogoro to Launch Smartscooters in Taiwan for the First Time

published: 2015-03-31 14:52 | editor: | category: News

Gogoro, the new electrical vehicle (EV) brand invested by HTC CEO Cher Wang and Ruentex Financial Group CEO Samuel Yin, will go on sale for the first time this summer in Taipei and New Taipei City of Taiwan.

Gogoro was found by former HTC creative director Horace Luke and HTC chief technologist Matt Taylor in 2011. So far, the company has raised US$ 150 million. Two of Gogoro’s major products are Smartscooters and GoStations, which is an infrastructure of its battery-swapping stations. GoStations is important because having easily accessible places where people can power up their scooters will help consumer to buy a Smartscooter.

Gogoro held a product press conference yesterday in Taipei. Taipei mayor Wen-Je Ko and deputy mayor of New Taipei City Shen-Hsien Chen attended as well. “Smart-living, green energy, and sustainability are the elements of a smart city. Taipei encourages new investments in the green energy industry. Gogoro is 100% funded by Taiwan and is made-in-Taiwan. Taipei will try its best to assist Gogoro in building GoStations,” said Ko.

Gogoro’s vice president marketing Ming-I Peng indicated that they chose to focus on Taipei and New Taipei City because these two cities have the highest percentage of motorcyclists and also Taiwanese people are especially open to trying new products. In addition, the central and local governments are willing to provide any assistances needed.

Gogoro’s Smartscooter was showcased in Consumer Electronics Expo in the US this January and it became extremely popular, catching more than two hundred cities’ interests, including Miami, Hawaii, San Francisco, Paris and so on.

Photo Source: Liberty Times Net

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