A123 Unveils Next Generation Lithium-ion Starter Batteries for Automotive

published: 2015-04-08 14:17 | editor: | category: News

A123 Systems LLC, a developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries and systems, announced the introduction of its latest 12 Volt Starter Battery in the Li-Start product line. Every component of this next generation battery system has been optimized for low voltage automotive applications. Together these advances, known as A123’s new UltraPhosphate™ technology, have achieved more than 25% greater cold cranking power and result in a product that significantly outperforms the best lead-acid batteries in industry standard cranking tests.

A123 began production of its original starter battery design in 2011 and now enjoys supply relationships with 5 different vehicle manufacturers in Europe, with the majority having already launched vehicle production. The company continues to invest to meet the increasing market demand and is currently expanding production capacity for its starter battery product line. Jason Forcier, CEO of A123 Systems, commented that “We developed a solution that sets a global benchmark for starter battery performance by focusing engineering effort on this market. Based on these outstanding technical accomplishments, we anticipate extending our low voltage market leadership in the years to come.”

A123’s 12V starter battery utilizes advanced chemistry and system design to not only offer outstanding cranking power but also enable world-class brake energy recuperation, increased cycle life, and charge acceptance, providing the micro-hybrid market with a progressive solution. Micro-hybrids can be defined as vehicles that require advanced 12V batteries to power start-stop systems and store electricity from regenerative braking. These systems offer fuel economy and emissions gains at modest incremental cost and are steadily migrating from performance and luxury vehicles to the mainstream market, particularly in Europe. In addition, the battery weighs half as much as a comparable lead-acid battery thereby supporting OEM light-weighting goals, further contributing to achievement of fuel efficiency and emissions regulations globally. In total, the system can facilitate as much as a 10% efficiency and emissions gain when compared to a conventional powertrain.

(Photo Credit: A123 Systems)

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