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Solar Frontier to Build a 29MW PV Plant in Nagasaki Airport

published: 2015-04-16 14:43

Solar Frontier and Chopro has signed an agreement with government of Nagasaki Prefecture to develop a 29MW “megasolar” large-scale solar power plant called “SOL de Omura Mishima Solar PV Power Plant” along the airstrip of Nagasaki Airport. When completed, the PV plant will be the largest one in Nagasaki.

Nagasaki Prefecture has been prompting renewable resources like solar PV power under its green policies. The local government has selected Solar Frontier and Chopro as designated developers for solar projects on December 27, 2013. The SOL de Omura Mishima project is the first solar PV power plant constructed by a special-purpose-company (SPC) alliance formed by Solar Frontier and Chopro.

Before the break ground on April 2nd, the Nagakaki government has singed land loan agreement with the Nagasaki land development company. The project will cover a land of approximate 36 hectares. A project financial agreement has also been inked led by Mitsuho Bank and several financial institutions from Kyushu were in.

Chiyoda Corporation signed to offer EPC services for the SOL de Omura Mishima project. To prevent interfering with visions of pilots, Solar Frontier will provide special-designed glare-free CIS PV modules for the PV project. The project is planned to be completely constructed in July 2016, and electricity generated will be transmitted and sold to Kyushu Power through a 10km long submarine cable.

Chopro is a Nagasaki-based LPG supplier which is aiming to expand its business into solar PV generation. It has entered into large-scale PV projects in Saga Prefecture and Kumamoto Prefecture. The cumulatively owned solar capacity will reach 50MW after the completion of the Nagasaki project.

(Photo: An image of the Nagasaki Airport PV project. Photo Credit: Solar Frontier)

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