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Hanwha Q CELLS to Display Outstanding German PV Technology at 2015 SNEC

published: 2015-04-27 17:06

At the world’s largest solar PV exhibition, 2015 SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai, China, Hanwha Q CELLS will display its “Engineered in Germany” technologies and leading products. The to-be-showcased Q.ANTUM technology and HSL S series modules and will have better performance than previous products for superior value to its customers.

“We are not just satisfied with our capacity, which reached to 3.28GW after the merger of Hanwha SolarOne and Hanwha Q CELLS,” noted Hanwha Q CELLS president Mr. Nam Seong Woo. “We are very excited to present our next generation HSL S series modules and Q.ANTUM technology at 2015 SNEC. As an extension of our leading technology, we will also exhibit our Hot Environment S module and Q.ANTUM Half Cell module designed to meet specific needs from customers around the world.”

The HSL S series modules are manufactured at fully-automated production facilities and come equipped with new four bus-bar cells leading to improved performance, quality, and guarantees. The new HSL S series modules improve Hanwha Q CELLS’ solutions for each segment, including residential, commercial, and utility. The Q.ANTUM technology, furthermore, appears for the first time in China. The technology helps achieve the world’s highest efficiency for polycrystalline solar cells at 19.5% and has been proven in mass production, with 60 cell module efficiency at 18.5%. Cells made of this technology perform well in low light environment; they are also temperature coefficients, anti-PID, and hot-spot protect.

Hanwha Q CELLS strives to become the top player in the China PV market as well as targets cumulative installation of 3 GW in power generation projects in the nation by 2020, including distributed generation and utility-scale rooftop and ground mounted applications.

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