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Crazy! Pre-orders for Tesla Powerwall/Powerpack Exceeds 60,000

published: 2015-05-07 15:51

Only six days after the debut of Tesla Powerwall residential-use battery, pre-orders for the innovative product has already surpassed 38,000. Elon Musk announced the astonishing record in Tesla’s earnings call on May 6th. The commercial-use Powerpack battery has also taken around 25,000 reservations, and each order represents averagely 10 Powerpacks.

“The response has been overwhelming like crazy,” said Musk. He described the unexpected reservation number as “crazy off the hook.”

The reservations will consume Tesla’s battery production capacity through the first half of 2016, meaning that some buyers have to wait for a longer period until they have their own Powerwall/Powerpack batteries.  

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