MPOWERD Delivers Over 2,000 Solar Lights to Victims of Nepal Earthquake

published: 2015-05-28 10:38 | editor: | category: News

MPOWERD, Inc., a Certified B Corp that makes Luci inflatable solar lights, have delivered over 2,000 lights to victims of the deadly Nepal earthquake. The company mobilized the large-scale donation and began offering special discounted pricing to individuals, groups and charities distributing the lights in Nepal immediately after the disaster occured.

"We think when disasters occur there is a shared global responsibility to mobilize resources as quickly as possible," says John Salzinger, Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer of MPOWERD. "But then the key is to continue to help once the news cycle moves on. In keeping with our sustainable business model, we're affordably providing lights to organizations already set up to assist the affected populations."

Nepal's 7.8-magnitude earthquake killed over 8,000 people and crippled much of Nepal's already weak infrastructure, including the electric grid. Millions have been displaced from their homes and left without shelter, food and access to reliable electricity.

Luci lights are a safe and sustainable alternative to harmful kerosene lamps often used in energy challenged countries and communities recovering from disaster. Luci lights are now available in over 80 countries as well as in 700 retailers in the US, where the company leverages high volume retail sales to lower costs and sell affordably into developing markets.

To efficiently deliver and distribute the lights on the ground in Nepal, MPOWERD collaborated with organizations Byond Disaster Relief, Rotary International (Taiwan), Global Peace Foundation, and Sam Johnson Volunteer Student Army.

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