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Saft Agrees to Supply Li-ion Battery Systems to JSC ISS, Russian Commercial Satellite Company

published: 2015-06-17 18:30

Saft signed a five-year extension to a framework agreement to supply lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery systems to JSC ISS, Russia’s largest commercial satellite company, on June 15th at the Paris Air Show. The contract was an extension of an agreement originally signed in 2010.

In the agreement signed in 2010, it covers the development and supply of Li-ion battery systems for GEO (geostationary earth orbit) commercial telecommunications satellites based on the Express platform. The contract extension further cements the relationship between Saft and JSC ISS which started in 2008.

The Saft onboard Li-ion battery systems will ensure reliable operation of the Express GEO satellites during the satellites’ twice-yearly eclipse periods. The Express battery systems utilize Saft’s VES 180 cells, which have a high specific energy capability for optimum energy storage without increasing the satellite’s all-up weight.

“The extension to the framework agreement demonstrates the strength of Saft’s long term relationship with JSC ISS and highlights Saft’s reputation as a battery supplier with proven capability to delivery high performance and totally reliable batteries for the space industry,” said Serge Fouilhaux, Saft’s General Director for Space and Defence.

Since 2008, Saft has delivered Li-ion batteries for a number of JSC ISS satellite platforms: AMOS-5, TELKOM-3, Yamal-300K, Express-AM5, Kazsat-3, Express-AM6, Express-AT1, Express-AT2, Express-AM8 and Lybid.

Saft manufactures the VES cells in Bordeaux, France, before assembling the battery systems in Poitiers ready for delivery to JSC ISS’ facilities in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

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